webMethods certification process

Hi ,
I am sure this has been answered earlier, however would like to understand the latest details surrounding webMethods certifications available and how difficult are they ?


Is your question pertaining to if anyone taken recent certification and share the feedback on the user/technical format experience etc…? :slight_smile:


Training and certification catalogs are available here (link); I see that this portal is undergoing maintenance at present. An overview of the concepts that are evaluated in the certification are also available. There are mix of both free and paid courses. You can obtain badges as well, for applicable products.

Having said that, certifications aim to ascertain both conceptual and practical knowledge, so I recommend gaining field experience before appearing for a certification.

All product documentation is available for public consumption (link) and you can download products and licenses for trial (link). Trials are at present, limited to certain products only.

If you organization has a licence for Software AG products, you can get in touch with your administrator to use those products and keys instead.



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