Does anyone know as to where I can sign up to take the certification exam? where it’s held? and how much it costs?

The certification exam is provided online by webMethod’s, and is free of charge.

Go here:

API Integration Platform | Software AG


I think the link provided for certicication is not valid. Plese remove this if it is not useful.


The link was correct when the post was made–back in 2003. It is typically not the case that old posts be updated to change now-obsolete information.

If someone has a current link to certification information please post it.

Here it is:

[url]The Web page cannot be found

Besides going over the training documentation, is there any recommendation from people who took the certification over how to better prepare for the certification exam? Thanks

check this Interesting topic:


It’s been my experience that no one cares about the certification. I’ve never seen any job posting or other request even mention certification let alone require it.

Keep in mind that the majority of the comments in the thread rmg provided are from 2003. I believe the certification has changed significantly since then.

lot changed in pattern/exercising…old thread was fun:)

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