Webmethods basics

hi all,
I’m new to webmethods
can anyone please help me on the below excercises.

1.flowservice to print table of a number.
2.flow service to implement linear search.
3.flow service to implement binary search.
4.program in wm to find largest number(using flow steps).
5.program in wm to print fibanocci series(using flow steps).
6.program in wm to reverse a string list.
7.program in wm to add two string tables.
8.program in wm to find two strings are identical or not.
9 program in wm to find duplicates in the stringlist.

Raju Chellu

Hi Raju,
Before delving into the actual code,

  • What are the tools do you [already] have [installed]? What are their versions?
  • What you already know about programming?
  • What you know about services and reuse?

Judging on the “type” of the exercises, they look to be ones designed to trigger questions. I can assist you on finding the answers, but I need you to show that you have made the attempts (or, in more physical terms, “have some sweat”).