WebMethods AS2 errors outside firewall

I wanting to know if anybody has received the following errors while communicating from outside the firewall. I have tested the service invoke/wm.EDIINT/receive inside our firewall and I can run the service over and over.

As soon as I try outside the firewall I receive an error telling me Connection reset by peer: socket closed while using http.

When trying to use https I get a totally different message telling me Invalid input - URIString.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

There are a couple services you can use to keep that connection alive. One of them is called registerReverseConnections… and basically it just polls that connection every 5 mins or whatever interval you determine to keep that connection alive. If you do more searching on this topic you will find the workaround setup- There are usually many posts relating to this issue.

Good Luck,


Thanks for the information, but I’m not sure if I explained the situation correctly. I have the service invoke/wm.EDIINT/receive that I can kick off multiple times. Every once and awhile the transaction will go through and process to completion. One out of every 100 let’s say. The rest come back in error status because of the socket being closed. This registerReverseConnection would I want to put that in my receive service or add it to a queue and run every 15 seconds as a separate service to keep the port open? And will it interfere with the current process running?


You schedule it as a service that will run at a set interval. It will not interfere with a process currently executing. From the IS admin page click on “Schedule” and there you can choose a service to run and set a couple parameters. It runs in the background to keep the connection alive. Most connections like this disconnect with a lack of activity- so if you ping it every so often with this “keep alive” service, it never times out-

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I understand what you’ve suggested but I’m a little concerned that I’m posting data via http/https continuously one after another. Today we received only on posting of data which made through trading network, to a queue and wrote the file to our backend system. All other invoke of the EDIINT/receive never made it through the port and eventually failed because of the socket closed issue. Do you think setting up this service for every 5 second will keep the thread open for all the posting to go through. The other question I have is that I don’t see the service you’ve requested in the sample packages or other packages, do you know where I can find it.

Thanks for all the help.

Hi Andrew,

When you use wM 6.01: go to Ports -> Reverse Invoke Settings. There you can register your reverse connections.
When you use 4.06 or earlier, go to the download session on this site.
Keep in mind that the “connection reset by peer” can be caused by bad network connections!

Maybe I was too fast with my answer, because of the reverse connections remark I assumed you’re using a reverse invoke server to have a connection from the outside. I you don’t, forget my answer, or think about configuring a reverse invoke server, maybe it will solve your problem.


I don’t know how every 5 seconds would affect your port if you are posting at the same time. We have a reverse invoke server and we schedule a service that maintains the connection every 5 mins. Have you figured it out yet ?