webMethods API Gateway 10.15 Compatible with Terracotta 4.3.6?

Hi Expert. I want to ask something about webMethod API Gateway 10.15.
Does anyone here know whether webMethods API Gateway 10.15 is compatible with Terracotta version 4.3.6?
Is there some kind of matrix or picture?

I have limited access and I have not found any documentation stating whether it is compatible or not, my client would like to see the documentation. Or is there any clue where I can see it? Can someone share with me if they have found it?

Thanks Expert.

Or if I use Webmethod APIGateway version 10.15, what minimum version of terracotta should I use?

For 10.15, it will be 4.4.0; this info is available here in a separate guide (link).
To avoid confusion, use the product name “BigMemory” if you’re talking about Clustering.