webMethods adapters for XI


Recently we asked SAP for application adapters for XI. SAP India told us that application adapters for XI are provided by third parties and webMethods is one such third party vendor.
Does anyone have any idea if the same adapters which run in webMethods6.5 integration server will run in XI or are their any separate suite of adapters for XI?


Hi Vandana,

there is a webMethods XI Adapter 4.6 SP1 available for integrating XI into webMethods.

Probably there will be a new Adapter for 6.5 Platform available in Autumn.


The IS ADK based adapters will not run on XI.

The IS adapters are “jca like” and require IS and the IS ADK run time.
The XI adapters run within the SAP J2EE application server and they are standard JCA compliant adapters.

In an enviroment where XI and the IS server coexist, one can use the XI adapter which runs on IS.

In this way data can be piped as such: R/3 - XI - XI adapter on IS - any other system that IS can access.


Thanka Vasilis. I raised a support request also. I got a response that says, application adapters provided by webMethods for SAP XI will basically consist of skeleton IS (adapter engine), webMethods IS adapter for XI and webMethods IS adapter for the application. That means XI will talk to the application through webMethods IS.


Hi all,

I want implement using webMethods and XI. Does anybody have experience with this? Please advise.