webMethods Adapter 9.0 for JDBC

Software AG is pleased to introduce the latest release, 9.0 of the webMethods Adapter for JDBC. This is a major release of the adapter that makes your JDBC integration much richer and simpler with new capabilities.

Changes to this release include:

Support for Synonym
The adapter now allows you to choose synonyms in all the adapter services, including select, insert, update, and delete. The adapter templates now display synonyms in addition to tables and views, in the Designer.

Configurable Data Types
You can now configure and access new data types introduced in the latest versions of database servers without using an adapter fix or patch. Also, the property files enable you to change the data type of any existing database object type and receive them on Integration Server.

Array input/output for StoredProcedureWithSignature
StoredProcedureWithSignature service now supports functions that have Array as IN or OUT parameters.

Usability enhancements
CustomSQL service template generates variables automatically, by parsing queries and fetching the correct data type from the database server. The input and output variables are automatically generated by the adapter template in a single click, making your development faster, simpler and easier.

JDBC 4.0 and 4.1 compliance
webMethods Adapter for JDBC 9.0 is upgraded to be compliant with JDBC 4.0 and 4.1.

Faster Performance
The adapter has been refactored with the latest JDBC constructs for faster and reliable performance.

Runtime Auditing
The additional log information provides details on the cause and time at which the adapter notifications were disabled.

For more details, please refer to the product documentation.

With best Regards,
Software AG Product Management