webMethods Active Transfer WebClient Interface Not accessible in all browsers

Right now we are upgrading to 10.7

I have created a https port in MWS -->MFT -->ServerManagement with port 5443
I have given the keystore path and password and activated the port.

But issue is I am able to access the URL in IE not able to access the same in Edge and chrome.

Can anyone help me out.

Hi Pinninti,

In ActiveTransfer 10.7, there’s a new feature to restrict few http headers(for security reason).
Maybe that is causing the issue in Edge and chrome.

Please check for the following message code in ActiveTransfer.log?
e.g: “[6609] Unsupported header: abcd:value”

Add this header ‘abcd’ in the following file(in a new line) to mitigate the issue.

Hope this helps answer your query.


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