Webmethods 9.9 Weird flow service execution behaviour


I am encountering an issue with a flow service, which of course is associated to it’s file flow.xml on the server.
The code displayed by the designer is consistent with the content of flow.xml
But at run time the designer seems to be executing and older version of this same flow service. Any suggestions?
I was thinking maybe I 'dhave to reset some kind of cache or something.

Best regards

Hi Roger,

did you try to reload the package?

Are you using LocalServiceDevelopment?



I tried (among other things):

reload + refresh => nothing and then

save flow.xml+node.ndf+flow.xml.bak
delete flow.xml+node.ndf+flow.xml.bak
restore flow.xml+node.ndf+flow.xml.bak
reload => nothing

I am not using LocalServiceDeveloppment
It’s a standard service on our client’s server

Best regards

Backup the package and restart the server once. Re-do your debugging again and see if that helps.

Hi Roger,

can you describe the potential difference in behaviour more detailed please?

Is your service using explicit transaction handling?

Is the same issue occuring when running the service via IS Admin UI?
Is there a difference between running and debugging the service in Desilgner?