webMethods 9.8 Release Announcement

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of the webMethods 9.8 that represents a significant step towards the establishment of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. In addition to expanding the webMethods cloud offerings, this major release improves developer productivity, supports key emerging standards, and makes business users more productive while also helping them make better decisions through improved analytics. Our goal with this release is to provide you with the agility to fully power your digital enterprise.

Here are the key highlights:

  • webMethods Integration Cloud now enables the development of simple multi-step orchestration flows between any SaaS or on-premises applications, providing support for more complex integration patterns.
  • webMethods Integration Server now supports the Salesforce Lightning Connect standard, which is based on OData. This new standard enables applications hosted on Force.com to easily connect and access data from external sources using a simple point-and and-click model.
  • webMethods Integration Server offers native support for OData version 2.0. Native OData version 2.0 support enables a REST-based protocol for CRUD-style operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete) against resources exposed as data service.
  • webMethods Application Platform now gives users the ability to develop and integrate application logic written in Java into the webMethods platform without proprietary webMethods APIs.
  • Software AG Command Central allows provisioning of complex multi-server environments using declarative templates. Users can define environment-specific server mappings and configurations with the simplest possible set of configuration files.
  • Business Console displays user-aggregated data dashboards that allow process and stage level activity, along with better process administration.
  • Monitor provides process predictions by showing the percentage of completion, estimating when a process might complete, and calculating the average cycle time for running instances.
  • Open CAF provides a new approach to user interface development in My webMethods server (MWS). It gives the developer maximum flexibility in creating rich, interactive user interfaces, without being constrained to the proprietary webMethods Composite Application Framework (CAF) framework.
  • This release introduces API Cloud Managed Services, which provides hosting of API-Portal within the webMethods Cloud for customers to expose APIs to internal users, third-party developers, and partners.
  • webMethods API-Portal supports user onboarding that leverages existing social network accounts.

In addition to these, webMethods 9.8 includes many product enhancements across the webMethods suite. For more details, please see the webMethods 9.8 Release Notes.

webMethods Product Management team
Software AG

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