webMethods 9.7 Release Announcement

Software AG is proud to announce the release of webMethods 9.7, which includes the launch of webMethods Integration Cloud, Software AG’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) product. This release also enhances the capabilities of webMethods BPMS with the launch of webMethods Business Console and analytics tightly integrated with process actions. In addition, the launch of webMethods API-Portal enables organizations to take their API management initiatives externally to developers and partners.

Here are the key highlights:

  • webMethods Integration Cloud is Software AG’s public, cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). This offering provides hybrid integration capabilities as a service, including use cases that involve the integration of both SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premises applications.
  • webMethods BPMS has a new face with the release of webMethods Business Console. Built on the responsive web design framework, Business Console’s device-friendly user interface provides role-based administration, monitoring, and social guidance for managing business processes and tasks.
  • With the release of webMethods API-Portal, organizations can now expose their own internal APIs to third-party developers and partners. API-Portal is a fully customizable, self-service portal for exposing APIs.
  • With Closed Loop Analytics, there is a tight coupling between analytics and action delivering on the promise of iBPMS. This delivers contextual insights for process stakeholders who can take actions in-place immediately and trigger an escalation via out of the box escalation workflow and tasks.
  • Improvements to MWS scalability now makes it possible to support over 120 nodes in a cluster as well as the ability to support over 25,000 users, providing greatly enhanced BPMS scalability. Reference Architecture and Implementation for scalable & high performant Task Search provides a mechanism that will allow the Task Engine to search external data sources.
  • Most of the key webMethods products, which use Terracotta for caching, are now compatible with Terracotta version 4.1.

In addition to these, webMethods 9.7 includes many product enhancements across the webMethods suite. For more details, please see the webMethods 9.7 Release Notes.

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