webMethods 9.7.0 parse String utf-8 to cp1388(EBCDIC China GBK)


my webMethods is 9.7.0 and Java Version is 1.7.0_65 (51.0) .

I have a utf-8 text file,we want to pasrse it to cp1388 text file.

so I write a java parser like this:

byte cp1388 = null;
cp1388 = utf8String.getBytes(“CP1388”);
} catch (Exception e) {
cp1388 = new byte[0];

return error message: java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException: CP1388

so I do following step:

  1. download IBM_DevelopmentPackage_for_Eclipse_Win_X86_64_4.3.0.zip
    → get charsets.jar from ibm_sdk70

  2. replace X:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm\bin\charsets.jar.

  3. reboot SoftwareAG Server.

  4. execute java parser,and it works.

But I afraid if i replace 2. X:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm\bin\charsets.jar may cause some other error ?

is ibm_sdk70 compatible TO webMethods 9.7.0 ?