webMethods 9.6 trial version : Integration server error 'STACK EXCEEDS LIMIT '

Hello guys ,
I am trying to install the webMethods 9.6 trial version provided by softwareAG … but not able to start the integration server .When i went inside and saw the contents of startup.bat , i realised the call is made to the startup.bat under the \instances\default\bin\startup.bat directory , whereas there is no bin directory under default . so the 'SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE PATH SPECIFIED ’ error was occuring …After editing the batch file and pointing it to the IntegrationServer\bin\startup.bat , i am gettting a 'STACK EXCEEDS LIMIT ’ error
Could anyone please tell me how to resolve this issue ?

Editing the batch file is not required.

Did you install it on Windows/Linux. If Windows try to start from start>all programs>…

Let me know if you still have issues.