webMethods 9.12 GA Release Announcement

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform powers digital transformation and enables any organization to become a Digital Enterprise. And the webMethods Product Suite, a core component of the Digital Business Platform, helps you achieve this transformation.

webMethods Product Suite includes a broad collection of capabilities including application and partner integration, API management, agile process development, master data management, and operational intelligence.

With webMethods, you have an extensible, scalable and reliable backbone - running either in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid scenarios – providing seamless integration for cloud, mobile, APIs, and Internet of Things, and streamlining process management and agile application development.

Release 9.12 of the webMethods Product Suite provides significant enhancements in every functional area of the suite.

Integration: Support for an enhanced mapping construct, Digital Event Services for event-based integration, ability to search IS assets in Service Development and manage dependencies, out-of-the-box scripts to create Docker Integration Server images. New native Hadoop adapters and light weight content integration adapters to popular content stores. Tighter integration between webMethods Trading Networks and Active Transfer. Universal Messaging adds support for round-robin message publishing using JMS connection factories.

API Management: webMethods 9.12 includes the first release of the unified webMethods API Gateway, which is a solution that combines the mediation and security capabilities from webMethods Enterprise Gateway and webMethods Mediator as a single, easily installable and configurable product. API Gateway offers service mediation, API lifecycle management and API policy definition. API Portal provides enhanced support for API monetization, including the definition and management of API plans and packages.

Agile Process: Business Console allows complete monitoring of a BPM process that includes an AgileApps case. Tight integration between Process Engine and AgileApps allows for the invocation of an AgileApps case from a BPM process. webMethods AgileApps supports Terracotta Ehcache as an option for storing object metadata in the cache and delegation through proxies. Rules Management console now allows user to edit decision trees. Updated mobile Business Console app.

Operational Intelligence: O4I supports monitoring of named objects, or durable subscribers, for Universal Messaging. Optimize for Process provides dynamic ant farm process analytics view that can now be configured to a specific date or time range. PPM now provides a simplified process flow visualization that can be used along with the classic process flow capability to reduce complexity. Command Central enables user to monitor, stop, start, and pause Process Performance Manager (PPM) remotely.

Suite: Command Central provides a web user interface for product installation for releases 9.8 and later. Command Central allows creating, updating and deleting instances of Integration Server, My webMethods Server, Universal Messaging and Apama and web user interface enhancements. Command Central product and fix repository management web user interface is now streamlined and enhanced to support the browsing and searching of the repositories.

Integration Cloud: This release allows customers to “lift and shift” their existing on-premises integration logic (built using the webMethods Integration Server and Designer Service Development) to the Integration Cloud. The new features allow developers to break up their monolithic application into microservices and then upload the microservices container to the Docker registry available on Integration Cloud. Integration Cloud provides management, monitoring and security capabilities to run those Docker containers in the cloud.

For further details, please refer to the webMethods 9.12 Release Notes on the documentation site.

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I’m depressed. I have to finish quickly the tool which suppose to help find the item on many ISes with its refs./deps…
I’m using Windows 10 and maybe this is the case, but IS 9.8 (patched) and IS 9.12 (patched) have different problems with the security facility: on IS 9.8 remote invocation of other ISes doesn’t work (on laptop only with Windows 10, with FireWall switched off), on 9.12 it works, but my package with JSP and ZK framework doesn’t allow to login and access the page in exchange, despite I have the package dependency on WmTomcat ., which have been switched on (an authentication problem to access my UI). I will try to switch back to Linux, but it takes me an additional day
I don’t have time to decompile all IS’s jars again in order to compare the thousands of *.java files against another IS version and to “fix” the IS instances.

On Linux Mint 18 my IS 9.12 instance works fine with both JSP and Context (remote invocation).
UPDATE to the update:
On Linux and fresh IS 9.12 the problem with the authentication on JSP pages appeared after one hour (restart didn’t help) and I had to set watt.security.session.forceReauthOnExpiration=false .

I’m still using webMethods Developer 8.2.2, but modified by me to allows connection with IS 9.x (7.x and 6.x as well). Here are the sources of my fix: https://sourceforge.net/p/openwm/code/HEAD/tree/wm-developer-update-8.2

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You should post your message as a new topic.

As for Windows, remember your IS might be running under a user which does not have the same network privileges as your own user.

I tryed to install “API Gateway”.
but, there was no “API Gateway” in the installation image of the WM product.
Please tell me how to install “API Gateway”.