webMethods 8.2 - Generating Service map from API

Hi All,
Need a help in understanding if anyone has worked on generating flow service with content ( outside wM) autogenerated ( mapped ) using any APIs . If there is any method to do so by please let me know. We are working on an upgrade and this info will be useful

Can you give some more information about your requirement? What is outside wM?

We need to get the data from MQ Series and convert it inside webMethods (auto)

That is not upgrade but migrating from one tool to another. If I understand your question correctly, you are actually moving from MQ series to webMethods and looking for some API/code if that creates the wM mapping services by reading MQ code. There is no API or options available to do so.

Practically, a tool provider wouldn’t create any such thing. Do you see something in MQ wherein it can convert webMethods flow code to MQ code?