WebMethods 8.0 help

I am entirely new to webMethods 8.0.
I have little experience in Developer and TN in version 6.1.5
Now I want to be proficient in WM 8.0 Developer, Task Engine(WorkFlow,Designer), MyWebMethods Server and WebServices Development.

I have the PDF’s from advantage site. Please tell me what other documents/exercises/would help me understand the same in a guided manner.

I also have some query abt webMethods Database.
Who is the vendor of default database in webMethods.
Can I setup webMethods to use a Custom Database (Oracle, Ms SQL Server)?
If yes, can it be done anytime or only when Installing webMethods.
How to do it in webMethods 8.0.


wM documents are very good starting point, so all the best…

webMethods products does support Oracle, SQL Server & DB2 databases. For specific supported version please refer to the webMethodsSystemRequirements.pdf for wM8.

webMethods_Installation_Guide.pdf is giving details around setting up the required database components.

Good Luck

Thanks mate for the useful pointers.
Just one more thing: Does Software AG provide Trial version of webMethods 8.0 available for download anywhere for me to practice on? (ie…, something like 30 days trial)

Thanks again…

If you are already using any earlier version of wm products, you can request for the licence file from software Ag for evaluation.

Till you don’t hv the licence file, you can still install and evaluate wm 8.0, however until you don’t upload the licence file the server will be automatically restarted in 30 mins (or 60 mins, not sure).

Can you give link from where I can download this evaluation version of WM 8.0.
I am ok with the server restart thing, as I need it only for self-learning and some POC/exercises.

You need to get access to Product Download area on https://advantage.webmethods.com