WebMethods 65 amp Windows 2003


Can anyone let me know if webMethods6.5 is certified for Windows2003??



I think so. To confirm, check the Fabric 6.5 Installation Guide available on Advantage.


If I remember correctly, there was some “issue” with Broker Server 6.5 and Windows 2003 running Terminal Services.

But as Mark said, I could confirm it from the webmethods documentation.


in fact, I was able to find the technical article

here is the link to TA:

Broker Server fails to start on Windows 2003 system running Terminal Services

Hi All

Thank you all for your replies. These replies make most of our lifes easy.

I did also go thru the Installation guide for 6.5 and it says the IS is certified against win2003. Our requirement is to have the Deployer on win2003 server so that we can use it as a common platform for all the Deployments across DEV/TST/PRD.

Thanks again.