WebMethods 60 Mapping Problem

Product: webMethods 6.0
Platform: Solaris 8
DB: Oracle


We are currently posting a series of related transactions via the http post service. We are able to post and receive a valid response from the remote server with good response data. What we are trying to do, is receive each response and map them to a record list, appending to it each time we receive a response.

Our current approach is to receive a response while in a loop step. The response is parsed and mapped to a record list. Then when the loop restarts, we do the same process and map the response to the same record list. The problem is that the system overwrites the old response instead of adding the new one to the record list.

Any ideas on how to resolve?


Is your recordlist declared as out-array in your loop ?
If not, doing so would be the solution I think

The solution proposed by Chtig is the preferred approach.

If you can’t specify the out-array for some reason, then in your loop make sure you create a new record in each iteration. After you add the record to the list, drop the record from the pipeline.