webMethods 10.3 Integration Server get lots of nullPointException error

We found lots of nullPointException in webMethods IS error logs. like:

it can appear anywhere of the flow service, even : add, map, concat…
When it occurs, the transaction control of database operations in flow service will also lost.

I thought it was caused by insufficient memory of IS. After increasing the memory, the frequency of it decreased, but it still occur occasionally.

Does anyone know the reason? How can we completely solve this problem?

Hi Haibin,

which Messaging Provider are you using?
Broker or UM?
Are there any Fixes applied to your installation?

Regarding database transaction control:
What about using this pattern:

SEQ (Exit on Success)
- SEQ (Exit on Failure)
-- your work here
-- submitTransaction
- SEQ (Exit on Done)
-- getLastError
-- Errorhandling here
-- rollbackTransaction

Did you check if the messages received by the Trigger are correct?



Hi, thank you for your reply. I use UM.

but i don’t think this problem related to the UM. I see lots of the nullPointException in anywhere.

try to imaging that, you wrote a flow service to do a simple concat with two strings, then the concat function throws a nullPointException. at the same time, another service maybe a addInt function throws a nullPointException too.

This problem is very strange, I can only relate it with the JVM or webMethods IS runtime issue.

Hi @Haibin_Chen ,
A couple of points to check about the Nullpointer exception.

  1. Can you confirm if the latest fixes for 10.3 have been installed?
  2. Check for more details in the error log- > Admin UI >Logs-> Error logs → Expand stack trace data .
  3. There could be more information in the wrapper log at <install_dir>/profiles//logs/wrapper.log


Thank you for your reply.

  1. this is the fixes:

  2. I can only find the error logs from WMERROR.log file. It occasionally occurs, but it is certain that it’s not related to program logic or data. the data can process successfully if I retry it. And it is no reason a null pointer exception can be thrown.

  3. I can only find the same messages in wrapper.log during the whole day logs .

Your environment doesn’t have the latest fixes. Usually these kind of problems are fixed later by patches. I would install latest fixes and check if it fixes your problem first.

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