webMethods 10.2 Release

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform powers digital transformation and enables any organization to become a Digital Enterprise. The webMethods Product Suite, a core component of the Digital Business Platform, helps you achieve this transformation. Release 10.2 of the webMethods Product Suite provides significant enhancements in every functional area of the suite.


  • Integration Server provides support for the WebSocket protocol whereby developers can create a WebSocket
    provider service and can communicate with a client using the WebSockets protocol.
  • Integration Server provides enhanced support for HTTP security headers and supports the Swagger format for describing REST APIs.
  • ActiveTransfer agent which is a new component that can be installed directly on a remote system. It can be installed within an organization’s firewall or outside the firewall using Command Central.
  • Integration Server provides support for pause and publishing of messages provided by Universal Messaging.
  • Universal Messaging allows for horizontal scalability where users can specify a set of servers or clusters to connect
    to within a single logical session allowing the user to publish or subscribe to the same queue or topic across multiple servers or clusters.
  • The HealthChecker tool has been extended with many available checks and a new Realm Information Collector is a new command-line diagnostic tool that’s added.
  • CloudStreams server now supports MTOM method of exchanging binary data and efficient handling of large
    payloads exchanged with web service providers and concurrent executions of cloud connector services.
  • There are many enhancements to the CloudStreams Development Plug-in as well as new and updated connectors
    for Cumolocity and Coupa, among others.
  • Unit Test Framework allows you to record and analyze which Flow steps and map actions of your Flow service(s) are executed during a particular test launch. It provides user friendly reporting with various coverage reports.
  • webMethods Broker is now replaced by Software AG Universal Messaging. The use of webMethods Broker with webMethods 10.2 is deprecated.
  • With webMethods 10.1 release, Microservices Container supports the ability to add a circuit breaker construct to any flow service. Using a circuit breaker allows the service to handle errors gracefully and provides a consistent response to the end user.
  • With Integration Server 10.1, there is improved support for defining REST resources and enhanced support for creating REST APIs from Swagger files, offering support for resources with a base path (/) which is useful when the Microservices Container is used with container orchestration tools such as OpenShift and Kubernates.

API Management

  • API Documentation enhancements include API details now showing tags defined for the API in the API Gateway and tags defined in swagger file being imported, editing API level tags in API Portal.
  • SOAP services that were REST-enabled and published to API Portal with both SOAP and REST details, are now displayed in API Portal as Hybrid APIs.
  • API Gateway includes new API Policies for data masking, request and response transformation, and CORS as well
    as enhancements to existing policies like invoking webMethods Integration Server.
  • API providers have more options in API Gateway when defining their service plans for use with API Monetization and define rate and quota limits.
  • JSON payloads are natively supported by API Gateway, and this release provides support for JSON schema and JSONPath in multiple places that access the application.
  • API Gateway now provides a facility to define stages by supplying connection information to other API Gateways
  • API Portal customization has been simplified by making font and color theming configurable through customization user interface.
  • API try-out functionality has been enhanced to allow test invocations of API protected with JSON Web Tokens.

Dynamic Apps

This is the first integrated release of the new Dynamic App Platform (DAP) including dynamic processes, tasks, case management, business rules, mobile, analytics, web app UI.

  • AgileApps can now invoke Dynamic Business Objects (DBO) processes in-proc on the same Integration Server
    where it is co-hosted with Integration Server in the same OSGi runtime.
  • An AgileApps case can now call a DBO process. It provides a list of start documents to initiate the DBO process as well as a map for mapping the case document to the process start document.
  • Business Rules now sends design-time auditing events for decision tables via Digital Event Services and supports
    the process actions “start process” and “join process” for DBO processes.
  • All BPMS components will support MySQL (Community and Enterprise editions).
  • Optimize for Infrastructure and Optimize for Process now support MySQL Community Edition and MySQL Enterprise Edition as a relational database.
  • DBO can be monitored with Optimize for Process. KPIs can be created against DBO processes, and the Optimize dashboard will show both Process Engine and DBO process statistics.

Suite Enhancements

The webMethods Suite includes enhancements that improve functionality across multiple products.

  • webMethods products are now compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to strengthen and unify data protection for our users.
  • Software AG Command Central now supports management of Trading Networks (TN) configurations including template based provisioning and management of TN instances and properties related to TN servers.
  • Command Central supports host and instance renaming during product migration which allows cross-host migration and datacenter moves where old hosts used in product configuration need to be replaced with new hosts.
  • The Command Central composite templates are now enhanced to handle support patches.

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