webMethods 10.1 Web Service Descriptor Provider Unable to Add Operation

I am facing issues to add new Operation in the existing Web Service.
It is a provider web service.
I have tried to find out various solutions for this issue but no success.

It looks like some issue with access or lock but not sure.

Lock for Edit / Lock Properties these options are also disabled.

Hi Mandar ,

Is this a Contract-First (you created the web service provider from a existing WSDL) or a Code-First (you created the web service provider from a set of IS services)?

With the Contract-First approach you cannot add operations from the “Add Operation” menu.

This would beat the purpose of this approach.


I am really not sure at first place how this Web Service was created, as my team has inherited this webMethods code from another team.

If there is any way to check how this Web Service is created, please help to know so that my team can have a look at it.

As you have mentioned I have not seen any option while creating a new Provider - Web Service Descriptor, where to define or select the “Contract-First” OR “Code-First”.

I think you are trying to say is:
Contract-First: Is something the WSDL file is created first and then imported into webMethods code to create Web Service Descriptor.
Code-First: In this case, the Flow Services are already developed, and using that we create a Web Service Descriptor.

Let me know if my understanding is correct?

Also, Forgot To Add in my last comment:

What if the Contract changes for some reason (for example: new operations are introduced in the same WSDL contract).
For the WSD which is created with Contract-First, what is the provison to change?

If this is not available, it is going to be a challenge for me.
I belive the contract may be modified for some or the other reason, as per the business need, so in this technology (SAG WM) there must be some provision / solution to this.

Hi Mandar,

in this case you will have to delete and recreate the provider from the modified WSDL.
Adjust the mappings afterwards.
Do some tests on the provider and then deploy/deliver the modified implementation to your production environment.


Hi Mandar,

Your understanding is correct vis-a-vis the Code First/Contract First approaches.

I agree with Holder’s solution on your problem.

As for how to check what kind of approach was used please check the “Source URI” property from the Properties panel.

If this points to a file, you have a Contract-First approach.

If it is empty you have a Code-First approach.

Yes I also agree with Holger and that is the preferred common/use approach with the Contract-First and deployment strategy to follow before deploying solution to any higher environments!!