WebMethods 10.1 Automate install and uninstalls with silent deployment across Enterprise environment

I have a question we are getting ready to deploy WebMethods 10.1 here within the Enterprise. I had the Product Owner’s group download the Software AG 10.1 exe and I have the xml license file. The product owner sent me there docs

  1. 9.8 Installing webMethods and Intelligent Business Operations Products
  2. 9-8 Working with Designer
  3. 10-1 Installing Software AG Products.

I read through all three of these and I saw nothing regarding network deployment strategies or options in any of these. I had him download the exe installer as I assumed this would be easier as we will be deploying to a Win 7 Enterprise environment using Microsoft SCCM. So I am looking for any information on switches that are able to be used with the exe, deployment methodologies anything that would help with a windows 7 large scale deployment. Also anything on uninstalls would also be nice. Looking at not having to have any user interaction and being able to run silent.


Command Central and Platform manager will be the best suit to manage your webMethods architecture landscape, review the docs.