webMethod tutorial

I am new to webmethod .Want to learn from the basic .Please let me know how to start .


first install WM in your PC.the components like developer, Integration server etc.Download the WebMethod developer user guide from advantage.webmethods.com.For basic bulit in services , download WebMethod Integration server built in services guide and start practice.If you know java then it will be very easy to understand.

You can browse the online documentation at:

http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation (look the webMethods on the left frame) and click on Documentation by Product

WebMethods tutorial is now available @: http://idnxchange.com/webmethods-tutorial.html

I tried to find the documentation , I am not able to find the developers guide online.

someone , please msg the link to download the Developers guide for the webmethods 9.5

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