WebLogic inbound to SAP BAPIs suffering

We have been using an inbound service in SAP’s Business Connector from our WebLogic web apps to connect to SAP BAPIs for over 2 years. After recently “upgrading” SAP servers, response time suffers from time to time and wait times and the number of connections in the pool often exceeds the max that we have set somewhere. I am part of a group that is tasked with figuring out how to get things moving better again for our order processing from the web, and I know about the application development in BC, but not as much about the admin and the connections from the Web and to SAP, etc.
Is it possible to “time” the connections from beginning of the call to SAP for the BAPI and the return from that call…in order to begin to analyze where the bottleneck occurs? Or can I suggest any other type of logging analysis, etc?
Where should I begin looking? Please help.

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