webdav server & xquery

Hi, can anyone tell me how to use the xquery functionality in the Tamino Interactive Interface with the Webdav server? I tried a query with my database url as: http://hostip:4000/taminowebdavserver
but that gave me an http status message which was:
HTTP Status 405 - HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL

What am I doing wrong? Am I using this wrong? What I want to do is perform queries on collections that are webdav enabled, so I can do this through computers other than the localhost.



the webdav server cannot react on an XQuery in the same way as Tamino. If you want to search on a WebDAV Server, you may use the SEARCH method. Please refer to the documentation, section DASL (Searching and Locating). As SEARCH is a webdav method, you may not use Interactive Interface, take a WebDAV client, for example the Basic Client. You may download Basic Client from the Tamino WebDAV Server download area.