[Web Svcs Jrnl] - Mercury Announces Webinars on Reducing the Business Risks of SOA

Today, Mercury Interactive Corporation , the global leader in business technology optimization (BTO) software, announced a new webinar series on BTO for service oriented architecture (SOA). Following Mercury’s recent announcements on its BTO strategy for SOA and new SOA product offerings (see October 9, 2006 Mercury press releases: Mercury Unveils BTO Strategy for Service Oriented Architecture and Mercury Announces New BTO Products to Reduce Service Oriented Architecture Business Risk), these webinars will help customers learn the latest best practices and strategies to reduce the risk of SOA deployments.

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Mercury announced their long-awaited entry into the SOA testing market last week at the “Mercury World” user conference.

If your company currently uses Mercury’s testing products, it might be worth a look at their Service Test product.

The product announcement provides more details for what was released last week.


My company has been using SOATest from ParaSoft. We are a Mercury shop. However, Mercury had no option for automated SOA testing. SOATest is one of the best that we had seen and it is as easy as it gets. SOATest has been around for a long time and the product is very mature. IT will be interesting to see if Mercury can catch up.


Thanks for jumping in.

From the ServiceTest features list, it appears the Mercury has done a good job of covering the requirements. For example, I like the ability to simulate different soap clients (.Net, Axis, etc.).

SOATest and SOAPSonar still have some rough edges when it comes to usability and logical layout of their tools. If ServiceTest has the solid feel of a finished product, Mercury can do well. One would expect that the infusion of web services knowledge that came with the acquisition of Systinet in January 2006 should have helped them make the transition into web services testing.