wеbМethods Release Announcement April 2020

webMethods.io B2B

On October 1st, 2019 Software AG officially announced the availability of webMethods.io B2B, the latest addition to the company’s industry-leading B2B Integration portfolio.

The April, 2020 update to this fully hosted, SaaS-based B2B Integration solution focuses on usability and enriched functionality, including:

  • Fully customizable XML Document Support. Extract and build from an existing schema. Includes a robust testing tool.
  • Creating custom document attributes that can be utilized within processing rules to enable smart business decision making.
  • End to End monitoring to trace data integrations across the iPaaS suite.
  • Extended field support for trading partners.
  • User and Role based access to enhance platform security.
  • A complete deployment system to move, update, delete assets across registered environments with extensive logging.
  • Data purging based on customized schedule.
  • UN/EDIFACT 93A support.

All these new features and other additions are there to explore. Please visit B2B in the Cloud under ‘Insights & Innovation’ on the Software AG website.

webMethods AppMesh

On April 14, 2019 Software AG officially announced the availability of webMethods AppMesh, the latest addition to the company’s industry-leading API Management portfolio.

webMethods AppMesh adds application context to service mesh, providing better agility, management and governance of microservices as business apps. It has the following features:

  • Custom Access Protection – Protect microservices and reduce risk of exposure with advanced user identification and security policies
  • Sophisticated policy-based control –Control how your app is responding with a range of policies from intelligent routing to data transformation to conditional logic that can be applied at runtime with no change to underlying services
  • Traffic Monitoring and Control – Throttle traffic with policies to manage the load on provider services. Apply limits to service invocations during a specific time interval for identified clients, and log all traffic requests and responses for analysis
  • Plug in to the Service Mesh – webMethods AppMesh is pre-integrated with industry-standard service meshes. Completely non-intrusive, it has no effect on service mesh behavior and comes in a small footprint for fast startup
  • Dashboard for Service Visibility – Trace the path a transaction takes through your service mesh and understand how your app is being used with the AppMesh dashboard, filtered to include only the services in your application
  • Add and Remove Services from the webMethods AppMesh – Add new services and if desired, automatically inherit the policies assigned to all other services in your app. Bring new capabilities online with no downtime
  • Automatically Expose API Interface – webMethods AppMesh makes an API signature available for every service in the mesh, enabling reuse across the service landscape. In addition, these APIs can now be managed and governed with an end-to-end API lifecycle management platform

Learn more by visiting webMethods AppMesh under ‘Products->API Management’ on the Software AG website.