web service calling wrong address

Hello Experts,

I have recently faced a issue where consumer webservice call is invoking wrong address.

Tracing through service, i found pub.soapClient service is called wrong address.

So i traced over other web services and those were working good.


i am tring to calling server A which should return a error but call is going to server B which retruns success. We get call server address through config group and it returns same address we wanted

I recreated descriptor and every thing is working good. Not sure why this has hapened? Any Idea?

IS Version: 8.2.1

Is there any server/service cache needs to reset and so its behaving like that…did you check or restart IS?


I have reset cache before recreating web service and restarted IS also

Check If there is a port alias defined on the Consumer WSD. Even though the WSDL has a URL as address location in it, if there is a port alias, it will overwrite the URL in the WSDL.

yes good point raised…check the port sequence on the consumer connector.