Web based Workflow Inbox Task size Limitation


I am using web based workflow inbox to display the tasks. My question is , is there any limitation on the size of task beyond which inbox cannot handle the task?

The project i am working on involves verifying the “Invoice” which is outbound. If the Invoice is OK than the reviewer will “Submit” the task and it will be outbound. If it is not ok than it is “Rejected” by the reviewer and is deleted.

I am using a form in HTML panel which contains textarea( to hold the invoice) and two inputs ( one for “submit” and other for “Reject”) . When “submit” action is performed the task is handed over to a workflow which takes care of outbound process, and when “Reject” action is performed the task is handed over to another workflow which handles deletion.

I am not sure if the problem is related to size of invoice. If the size of invoice is less than 3kb than the submit/reject action will perform fine, but if the size of invoice is greater than 6kb the submit/reject action will not be performed and the form submission (task completion) does not take place.

I am not precise about the size of invoice ( 3kb and 6kb ) which are metioned above, i figured those values as optimum after certain number of repeats.

Any insight or suggestions regarding this problem is greatly appreciated.

Sagar Chada.


I figured out the mistake, i was using GET to submit the form, which cannot handle more than 4kb of data, now i replaced it with POST.