Web Application View Timeout

Hi, I currently have a Web Application project in webMethods Designer v. 7.2 that is using two web service connectors. I am querying a database using input from users, then bringing back a table of results. In the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome the whole Web Application View quits on me after about a minute. After hitting the refresh button the loading screen for the table flashes and then doesn’t return any results. I looked on the server and it isn’t even registering that I tried to query it. I have all of the timeout settings that i can find set to at least 5 minutes. However, everything works perfectly in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Why won’t it work in the other two?

Can you please clarify something for me?

Can you use the SOAP Monitor and verify that on all four browsers, the same SOAP requests are being made to the servers? Or, are you using straight JDBC connections?