Web app doesnbt autoJoin Fabric

I am trying, without success, to make a web service that runs inside Jboss (not the IS jboss) to auto publish to Fabric.
I followed the instructions on the Fabric Guide, basically:
“<autojoinfabric> to “true” in the GENERAL FABRIC section of the Glue configuration file”…
“To publish a service from a Glue Web Application, either place its XML descriptor into the WEB-INF\services\shared directory or specify that “share” is “true” in the service context area of its descriptor.”

However, it doesn’t seem to work. I have tried running the Fabric server as a web app in Jboss and also running it standalone, but my web service just doesn’t publish automatically to it. Has anybody seem this working? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks very much,
J Nash