We need client java


we need to create a message exchange system against a remote nirvana system.

A point-to-point message sending class, and a message receiver that will always be on the lookout for possible inputs.

Is an application server necessary for these classes?

Hi Sua,

as fas as I understood you will require only the UM Jars for the API, which can be used with any java program.
These can be requested from the remote nirvana system.
They should be able to provide some samples, too.


Right, we think so.
When you say the jars api UM you mean the nClient and jJms right?

We thought, create two classes of sending and receiving, compile them and execute them on the server attacking the remote UM.

It’s right?.

The question is, if we will need an application server (tomcat, websphere, …) or not necessary for this job.
We think it is not necessary right?

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