We are unable to view documents > 7mb in TN

We are unable to view documents > 7mb inside TN Console 6.5 via Transaction Analysis
Product(s) and version number(s): Integration Server 6.5, Trading
Networks 6.5

  • Installed service packs (if any):
  • Operating system: aix5.3

Any suggestions plz…


We have also had problems viewing very large docs in TN Console (6.5.2), but were able to view via TN Web Manager. Just recently found that changing console.bat file in TNConsole\bin to increase Java heap initial (-Xms) and max size (-Xmx) improves performance. Stmt is: “%JAVA_ROOT%\bin\java” -Xms128M -Xmx512M -Xincgc -Dconsole.lookAndFeel=com.webMethods.caffeine.plaf.CaffeineLookAndFeelII -c.

you can write wrapper service for wm.tn.doc.view to export the data to the file system for the given internal id.

Thank you for your reply …

Samething I found it…It’s working for me.