Hi guys,
I have changed the ‘watt.net.timeout’ property in the IS Extended Settings.
I was just wondering, whether we would need to reload a particular package or restart the whole IS for the setting changes to take effect.

Also, if someone could provide me details of which package the Extended Settings fall under, that would be very helpful.

Hi Ani,
Extended settings are part of Integration Server. you can find all those in IntegrationServer/config/server.cnf.
every time you change/add a setting it is advised to restart Integration Server.

I agree with Anjni. Check server.cnf file (config file)

Extended settings is not linked to any package. Regarding the restart of IS you will get a message on IS screen (top) whether to restart or not. Not all settings require a IS restart.

Any questions??


Thanks Anjni and Mahesh for your replies.

I will do so.
Also, wanting to ask if there is any good books I can refer for the SOA and ESB concepts (something simple and for beginners), such as publish subscribe, schedulers, How JDBC adapter and Webservices work (with the concept of header/interface tables).

Not sure on in depth detailed documentation but i always refer to softwareAG pub sub guide and Administering IS guide for ESB concepts. :slight_smile:

Thanks Anjni, can you point me to the PubSub guide…I could find the IS guide. Also, I mean’t something like a book which I could refer to understand the SOA/ESB concepts.

Hi Ani,
If you have documentation installed you will see this guide 8-2-SP1_Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide inside _documentation/IntegrationServer.
for basic SOA concepts I remember some articles in msdn.microsoft.com on SOA architecture. try reading them hope it helps.

Thanks Anjni.

To learn about webMethods modules/tools refer only SAG documentation.

For others refer GOOGLE…:slight_smile: