Warning while created Deployer Project for a Package with a Java service

Hello All,

I am receiving below warning whilst creating build for a package with a java service:

You have selected a Java or C service for deployment. This service requires shared data that is in the service’s folder. You can have Deployer deploy the shared data to the target server along with the service, but it might cause conflicts with existing assets in the folder on the target server. If you want Deployer to include the shared data and all other assets from the folder in the deployment set, click OK. If you do not, click Cancel.

Please suggest what is the best approach to handle this warning.

If we click Cancel, to not include the shared data and all other assets from the folder in the deployment set, do we need to do any manual activity to ensure that Java service works as expected?

Also, for the java service I have used external JAR.
Will this be included when I click on OK to include the shared data and all other assets from the folder?

Request your kind assistance at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,
Khushaboo Shandilya

Hi Khushaboo,

one option might be to deploy the complete folder where the java service is located.

The JAR-File needs to be selected manually.

When you omit the shared data and the other assets from this folder and it is the first time this service gets deployed, the deployment on the target will fail as it cannot compile the service due to the missing data.

For this you will have to understand how java services are stored in the package structure.

A Java-Service is just a method inside a class (the superior folder of the service).
Therefore informations wich are not part of the method for the service are stored in the node.idf of the superior folder and the java service itself is stored in the java.frag file in the services folder. Additionally there is a node.ndf which describes the signature (input/output) of the java service. During compilation all the java.frag files and the node.idf of the superior folder are combined into a folder-name.java for this folder and this one will be compiled into a folder-name.class
The java file can be found in code/source and the class file in code/classes directory in the package.
The jar file should be located under code/jars then, so it will be loaded during package reload.

You might want to check the Deployer Users Guide if there is chapter dealing with the deployment of java services.


Hello Holger,

Thank you for the prompt response.
I selected complete folder.

The external JAR had to be added manually.
Though, I could not see the package in Java Perspective until I made a cosmetic change to the java service and re-compiled it just so the package was visible in Java Perspective.

Any idea why this happens?
Why was the package not visible immediately after deployment in the Java Perspective as it has a java service in it.

Khushaboo Shandilya