Warning-Message by Update in NaturalONE


Why there is no Warning or Info Message by clicking on the symbol “Updates the selected objects in the associated Natural environment” in NaturalONE?

By Update Command, all Models become new Timestamp on the Natural-Host!

Sometimes, instead of clicking the Symbol “Builds the modified objects” one clicks through an oversight on the updates Symbol. This can also happened, when someone has many projects in Workplace, and he clicks this symbol for the false Workplace.

Information Message will be very helpful.

Best regards,
Amjad Farajallah

There is a preference available to enable/disable such an information box in case of multi-selected objects in the workspace, or an entire library or project. It can be found at Eclipse menu > Window > Preferences > Software AG > Natural. In the Server group there you will find the ‘Confirm server processing of selected objects’ preference.