Natural error -> How to show long description

When natural show an execution error, is there any way to show long description ?

Hi there,

There are two options.

  1. Use the HELP section (Help Menu, Help Contents) to search for your error code (see attach1)

  2. If using a Mainframe connection from natural one, select the server, select Natural Command Console for Mainframes, put your Natural error in with a preceding ? - (e.g. ? 9901) and hit enter. It will display in a preferred browser output (either native in Natural One or to your predefined browser output). (see attach2)

It won’t be long now and i’m going to publish my blog with tips for this sort of stuff for Mainframe devs adapting to the new world.


With Natural 9.1, the Natural Tools and Utilities function was introduced to NaturalONE. It offers a Message Retrieval.

Right-click on any object (or other line) in your NaturalONE project > NaturalONE > Tools and Utilities > Select the Message Retrieval line > Click the Execute button at the top.

In the Message Retrieval, you can view any system or user-defined message of any language. You can print the message or convert it into a PDF document.

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