Want to write simple flow service


webmethods6.5 not installed in my local machine. have to login to Remote desktop webMethods6.5 developer.Want to write simple flow cerise. get file from my Local drive and put another local drive.

had user service “wmPublic.pub.file:getFile” , and given local path in filename field "C:\folder\filename.xml’. but while testing its throwing a error. “path is not correct”.

how and what services have to user for abovscenarioio. had connect to remote desktop?

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How about “C:\folder\filename.xml”?

ensure the file "C:\folder\filename.xml’ is present on the remote desktop’s C:\folder\ location not on your local machine.

the path must be relative to the server in question and not absolute, refine your logic to reflect this.


In order to achieve this,
you can create this folder and file (C:\folder\filename.xml) in your remote server
you can create a map drive from your remote server to your desktop pc (C:\folder\filename.xml) and put the map drive path in the filename variable.

you can also try ftp and http protocol if you setup any of them.