Visual Integrator 4.1 - migration to 4.6/6.1

Does webMethods provide tool for VI 4.1 migration to IS 4.6 or 6.1?

We have a ton of code on VI 4.1 to migrate to 6.1.



There is an upgrade utility that can help automate conversion of some Broker integrations to 4.6 or 6.x. It is also useful for generating IS document types for each of your Broker events.

The upgrade tool documentation is availalbe on Advantage. I would recommend experimenting with it for quite some time to learn its quirks and then stop to plan out your migration.



Hi Mark,

Could you please suggest where can I get Enterprise Upgrade Utility?

Thanks & Regards,

Your best chance to get this is to contact SoftwareAG. I suspect, however, they long ago retired this tool. Neither 4 nor 6 have been supported for quite some time.