Virus Scan

I got this question from someone who is doing webmethods integration.

we are working on “file upload utility” from business applications to multiple legacy systems through webmethods,but before posting a file to any
of the legacy systems from webmethods(integration server) we are trying to perform virus check on each and every file on the webmethods(integrationserver) it self .do you have any idea that is there any mechanism which will
take care of this or any procedure to perform.
we are proposing to use mc’cafe virus scan but before that we want make sure it works. our environment is
webmethods 4.6 on sun solaris 8.
Thanks in advance!

Does anyone has any more info on this?
Please share.

One approach would be to write the file to disk and then have a Java service invoke a script/batch file that runs the virus scan program on that file.

Thanks Rob. I have asked the question whether the virus scan program could be invoked like this.
Thanks again!