Very Very URGENT - Problem with brokerDate field

We are using Enterprise Server 4.1.1 with Oracle
Intelligent adapter. We
have configured INSERT operation with a date field.
The INSERT operation
takes brokerDate data type by default. I cannot change
the data type of
this INSERT field. When the operation is executed, it
does not give any
error, but when I execute ‘select orderdate,
to_char(orderdate, ‘dd-mm-yy’)
from orders’ in SQLPlus, I see following output.


18-NOV-01 00-00-00
18-NOV-01 00-00-00
00-DECEMB 00-00-00

Note that the day, month, year all are coming as 00
values. Why is it? Any
Answers ASAP is appreciated.

Use Custome SQL Operation with date field as String instead of BrokerDate.

In our one of the integration we were facing same problem with Select SQL operation where there was a date field in where clause. We used String field for it and it worked. In Insert Operation Template you can not change BrokerDate to String so use custome SQL Operation instead of that.

This should solve ur problem.