versioning in Aris


I need support to knowledge how to use the versioning in ARIS.

From some posts on the ARIS Community I have understood that it is advisable to make as few versions as possible: it is possible to create a versioning of a large number of models but it is forbidden to make many versions of single processes / models as the size of the Repository would grow exponentially.

Below are some data to show what was said above.

I merged from the Development Repository to the Production Repository 25 processes (25 functions trees each containing CPE) for a total of 454 CPE.

At the end of the merge, 629 CPE are present in the Production Repository.

For each merge, before making the change to Production, I performed the versioning of the version present in Production to historicize it; so in total I made 25 versions.

Once the operations were completed, the size of the Repository went from 24 MB to 109MB.

Considering that the merged data correspond to a marginal part of the amount of data that will be present at full speed and that the number of versions will be at least 300 per year (update of an activity tree at least once a year), I wanted to understand if actually it is better to use versioning, how to use it better, problems related to the excessive size of the Repository and any alternatives.

Thank you for availability,

Best Regards

Gianmario Boiocchi