Version Controling Webmethods with Harvest

Hi All,

We just started to drafting the possible ways of doing version control of webMethods with CCHarvest, a product which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its always a debate how do you split the webMethods components. For example in IS do you control on Package level or individual flow level. If we start versioning on package level how do you manage the dependent or referenced packages. Looking for some good solutions.


We do a package level version control. For dependent or referenced package, we create a dependency for each package and specify the version number of the other packages.

Problem with partial package (one flow or a folder) maintenance that you probably are already aware of : You will be required to (a)manually copy the sub-folder (corresponding to that flow or folder) within the ns folder of that package on the target IS and (b)reload the package. Importing of package from the admin tool will not work (it will overwrite the existing package).

I think there is additional maintenance involved when you start creating and versioning zip files corresponding to individual folders/flows in webMethods IS.

Muru, our company is using Harvest for version/source control. Our plan is to source IS at the package level (zip file), ES at the integration component level (adl file), and Workflow at the jar level.

We are working on establishing our migration procedures right now.

If you need more feedback please let me know.