Version control


Is there any way we can configure webmethods with CVS for version control?


webMethods Integration Server 6.5 and above come with CVS support (a quite basic one to be honest), look on Advantage for further information.
Designer 7.x and above are Eclipse and store processes and Caf components in local files, so you can install an eclipse plugin for versioning and use it. We did so using subclipse as our repository is subversion.



There is currently no support for the CVS repository. I think you’re confusing CVS with VCS

webMethods(WmVCS) has builtin support for only 2 Version Control System tools.

  1. Microsoft VSS
    2)IBM ClearCase

For webMethods 6.x and 7.x there is als a Integration with Subversion available on Advantage. This is however not supported by SAG. But it is possible to get it working.
For webMethods 8.x there is support for Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe and Subversion delivered by SAG. From the documentation it works nearly the same way like the 7.x integration. It’s quite basic in it’s functionality but you can check in and check out assets you have in developer.