Version Control with Designer 7.1

Hi all,

I wonder is anyone is doing source/version control with Designer? We have a requirement that enforces the use of any IDE with a professional source/version control system such as CVS or ClearCase (we use ClearCase here) and I wonder if anyone out there is doing this and could help out by sharing any real-life experience and hopefully any document that would describe the process and steps in place.

We need to understand the Designer filesystem and how to integrate this tool to a version control system, and how to check-in/check-out code, what files and directories need to be part of the source control system and do build of projects when needed.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!

All the Designer/Projects (process models) artifacts/assets stored in a desgn/run time (custom packages) with in IS right??..Why dont you use that as reference in your CVS or ClearCase tool for package/builds??


RMG, sorry to disagree but your assumption is not correct. All my artifacts developed in Designer are stored underneath Designer’s filesystem which is completely different from the Developer’s one. You may be mixing up with the fact that when you develop BPM models in Designer, you have the chance to generate IS packages and then you could use Developer and the ClearCase plug-in associated with Developer, but in our case we are doing pure CAF/Portlet development for our UI front-end.
Designer is based on Eclipse (, so I assume it supports team development through the use of a source version control system (VCS). Since we are using Clear Case, I can assume Clear Case provides a plugin for eclipse.
My question remains. I would like to know if anyone else has done some real work using Designer with any VCS software, such as ClearCase and/or CVS, VSS, and would be willing to share their experience and hopefully any documentation, or at least point the direction. That would be great!

OK pardon me…I didn’t thought you are dealing with CAF/Portlet development…Can someone chime in here…

But i believe all the unified Java IDE based tools like Clear Case also might have a plugin for Eclipse.


Clearcase does have a plugin for Eclipse which can be used for Designer :

[url]IBM Developer

Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks! I just have a final question. In addition to having the plug-in which is great, do you (or anyone for that matter) know what artifacts (directories, files, etc) we should control in CVS (i.e. ClearCase, CVS, VSS)? The Designer filesystem I am refering to is under the directory, and we need to know if we need to check-in all its sub-directories to VCS, or if we should skip some of them (for example: “build” directory under ) and in this case what is the best (most recommended) way to re-build the workspace again? Can we let Designer figure out that the workspace needs to be rebuild or should we manually rebuild it and how?
Sorry for adding so many questions, but I am sure others will benefit from this exercise as it is a common requirement in any software development using VCS.
Thanks in advance for your contribution!

I am also interested to know more about Version Control with Designer 7.1. Does anyone know answers to wmuserholic’s last forum questions?