Version 9.9 - DocumentToXMLString

Hi Experts,

Designer 9.9
service name- documentToXMLString

Issue:-While doing conversion from document to XML String ,getting some extra tags inside content and some of the other tags are missing.

Tried all possible options but not sure why it is so…

Please provide your comments.

Hi Chandan,

please share the IS version.

Are there any Fixes applied to Designer and/or IS?

Can you share a sample of the xml structure as welll as the resulting document.


IS version is . and fixes applied are IS_9.9_SPM_Fix2
IS_9.9_Core_Fix3, IS_9.9_SPM_Fix1.

XML Structure after name space is like :-

1111 2222 ........................... ....................... 9999

Where given values 1111,2222,9999 are passed as input in the doc and others are optional.


if the field is optional and is not filled in the input, this field can be omitted from the XML.

Please have a look at Built-In Services Guide for details about documentToXMLString.

Check for the parameter generateRequiredTags and see if this helps to solve your issue.


Thanks Holger for your input!
I tried generaterequiredTags true/false but no resolution.

I can remove the optional fields in the input but the problem is consumer connector is expecting base64 encoded values which is with empty tag as well(Not the incomplete tag like </secondMissingTag/>). So if we remove the empty tags base64 encoded values are getting changed accordingly & connector is giving negative response.

I’m trying to explore more on this and let you know. Thanks once again for your help :slight_smile:

Did you specifiy documentTypeName in pub.xml:documentToXMLString.

Also can you attach a sample package having the IData (IS document structure) to reproduce the same on my local IS. Also put a note on your expected xml output string and actual output string.