malformed XML Validation

When i try to convert a following malformed XML String into IS Document using pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument the server is getting hanged.
<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/

but when i try the following xml string it is converting to Document.
<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi=“

inputs provide for pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument service is:
node–xml node

Can anybody suggest me what is the root cause for this issue and how it can be overcome.


Can u share the xml file? Let me have a look.

Hi mahesh,

The XML file is having this much only.
<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/

Strange :smiley:

As per I know this is not a valid xml. From where did u receive this xml file?

Can you explain what is your requirement and concern?

Hi Mahesh,

This is as part of my unit testing,where i need to test a incomplete XML and check how the code behaves.
xmlNodeToDocument is not able to parse this incomplete XML, infact the server is getting hanged because of this issue.

<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/

if i remove the '/ 'at last and process xmlNodeToDocument it will convert it to document without any issue.


before calling xmlNodeToDocument, you either have a node already or using StringToXmlNode to create the Node, is it producing the Node?

I tried to reproduce your testing with the below sample service like:


<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/ - server goes in hung state.

<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/ (space after slash) - works fine

<abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http: - works fine

Lets see what other experts say about this :smiley:

Hi Tong Wang,

i am calling xmlStringToXMLNode service to get a node from the input xml string.After that am calling xmlNodeToDocument to convert it to a doc type.


Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the try…

Even i tried with having double quotes at the end <abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi=“http:/” this also works fine.

But for this <abc:HandlerEvents xmlns: xsi="http:/ server will hang.

What could be the reason please somebody suggest.


no matter what you feed into the service, Hanging is not acceptable. Pls open a ticket with SAG, so they can look into it.
it should fail at the xmlStringToXMLNode step, IMO.

Yes the server hang behavior is strange and shouldn’t be in this case…

BTW,what is your IS version and core fixes level?


Hi rmg,

Thanks for the suggestion…

IS Version:


I don’t see this behavior on 822 at least…so contact SAG support about 821 and get it resolved.


Really strange :slight_smile:

Unknown and unexpected bug in the product version :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Raveesh Nanjappa - Lets us know the status on this once you hear from SAG support.