Version 10.5 wM scheduler add task with parameter

In version 10.5 when I try to create a new task scheduler with parameter in flow service wich is scheduled, I have the following error :
The LONVARBINARY can not convert IN BLOB.
I execute dbConfigurator several times but the error persist
I don’t think it is a problem with database becaus in it, when I query INFORMATION SCHEMA, I can not find columns in LONGVARBINARY or BLOB.

PS : if my task launck a service which doesn’t contain parameter I haven’t problem

Hi Vital.

what is your datase type?
Is the latest DBS-Fix applied to your installation and the schema migrated to latest version afterwards?

Are you able to create such a scheduler manually via IS Admin UI?


Hi Holger,
This is SQL Server (version 2016).
I put the latest fixes (except Adapter FIX 9 for which I have to uninstall beacause of incompatibility with integrated security : I wrote another post for this issue).
And I use the DbConfigurator to make a migrate data with the latest version.

What is IS Admin UI ? (Is it exists another way to create scheduler tasks other than using IS : Server -> Scheduler ? (except for Designer using wmRoot of course).

Hi Vital,

if I remember right there are services in WmPublic available for adding scheduled tasks programmatically.
These should be documented in IS Built-In-Servcies Reference.

With IS Admin UI I was referring to the point you mentioned as "IS: Server -> Scheduler".


Ok Holger,
If I execute it in WMPublic package in designer I have the same issue