VeriSign CA Certification

As many of you allready know… VeriSign has put out an update for their Intermediate CA Certificate. I went to the download page and they have it avaliable for Apache, IBM HTTP and others. So which one should I be using for Intergration Server?


It looks like all of the links just provide the certificate as a PEM encoded certificate. Follow the instructions for Apache. Save the text off to a file with a .cer extension and open the file via Explorer. Go to the details tab and click on Copy to File… Save off as a DER encoded binary file and drop that file into your trusted CAs directory for the Integeration Server.

If you’re running on a *nix platform, you can use OpenSSL to convert it to a DER encoded file.

If you’re feeling a little jumpy you can strip off the — Begin * and —End lines , run the resulting file through a Base64 decode and you’ll have the DER encoded binary file.