VCS checkin checkout issue

Hi Team

We are using VCS in our project. We are using SVN for this.

We did VCS related configurations on IS and also did the use mapping.

We are able to see chec in and checkout option in designer. However when we want to checkin or checkout packages from designer we are getting error “asset not locked”

Can any one please let me know how to resolve this issue.


which Version of wM are you using?

Is your SVN and IS VCS feature configured correctly?
Check for extended parameter lockingMode in the IS Admin Guide or “Configuring the VCS feature” Guide.


Hi Holger,

We are using 9.7. We are using below extended setting still we are getting the error while checking or checkout.


Apart from that we have also set below to properties in subversion.cnf file.



Please let me know if I am missing any thing.

I have also attached screen shot of the error which I am gettinng suring the checkin of package.


what is your Fix Level for WmVCS, WmSubversion and IS_Core?

Unfortunately I am not able to use this feateure in my environment due to subversion administration restrictions.


I recommend against using WmVCS and WmSubversion. That method of VCS integration has a ton of drawbacks. I recommend one of the following:

  1. Using Software AG’s Designer Workstation
  2. Using Software AG GCS’ Local Development plug-in
  3. Using both together
  4. Using your preferred Subversion client for check-in/check-out coupled with some scripting to help you compile, frag, and reload the packages on the IS


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Dear Holger,

IS core fix is IS_9.7_Core_Fix17.

For wmVCS and wmSubversion we have base version only. No fixes installed.

Thanks Percio,

I will check on your suggested options.